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Application of Automation Technology in Machine Manufacturing of Ring Rolling Machine

Time:2017-6-30 10:03:33 From:Zhucheng City Shengyang Machinery Co. Ltd.

From the current level of application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing, most of our enterprises are to follow the principle of gradual and orderly, so that the level of mechanical automation from low to high, from simple to complex. In this development process, the level of automation management has also been improved. Since modern automation machinery and equipment to replace the traditional mechanical manufacturing equipment, mechanical control methods gradually to the digital, automation and intelligence. But at present China's machinery manufacturing level and the world's machinery manufacturing level compared to the obvious there is a certain gap. China's enterprises do not pursue high automation, but as much as possible to reduce costs, through automated methods for manufacturing key parts of the automated transformation. In the promotion of the level of mechanical automation after the realization of highly automated CIMS production [2]. From here we can see that the automation of enterprise machinery manufacturing is a gradual process.
From the current development of China's automation technology in the machinery manufacturing point of view, because the level of China's machinery manufacturing is not high, so the current automation technology is only used in less investment, more return on the manufacturing sector. In order to make the economic benefits of manufacturing enterprises to be efficient returns, we should pay attention to observation, in order to find the manufacturing industry with development potential, less input costs, faster return more automation technology. The most typical representative is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 20th century, LP fine production model, which is a typical low-cost high-recovery automated production model. From the current development of China's view, most of the manufacturing enterprises are using general equipment, in the use of these common equipment at the same time also to develop other advanced automation equipment, according to the actual situation of enterprises to a variety of automation equipment The production of a reasonable layout. To join the CAD or CAM technology in the key link, build a good team of good computer, the use of computer professionals with high-quality professional skills to computer automation technology integrated into the machinery manufacturing system, and give full play to automation technology in the value of machinery manufacturing And the role of machinery to promote the level of continuous improvement.

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