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Zhucheng Shengyang Machinery Co., Ltd. Coating line process optimization and upgrading of technological transformation project Environmental impact assessment Second information bulletin

Time:2017-6-30 10:05:32 From:Zhucheng City Shengyang Machinery Co. Ltd.

Publicity unit: Zhucheng Shengyang Machinery Co., Ltd
Publication time: 2016.4.20
Project Progress: Construction unit entrusts Weifang Environmental Science Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. to prepare environmental impact report for the project. The current report has been basically completed.
First, the construction project brief
Project Name: Painting line process optimization and upgrading of technological transformation projects
Construction unit: Zhucheng Shengyang Machinery Co., Ltd
Legal person: Zhong Mingren
Construction Site: Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, 100 km Shengyang Road, the southern section of the city of St. Chongyang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Industry Category: C3422 metal forming machine tool manufacturing
The nature of construction: expansion
Construction scale: an annual output of 12,000 sets of security planes, 120000 sets of brake calipers, 1,000 sets of crushing mechanism sub-assembly, 5000 sets of field machines and forging equipment spare parts 1000.
Project investment: a total investment of 4 million yuan
Construction content: a new coating on the production line, the new front processing electrophoresis line, self-gourd, drying furnace and other equipment 13 sets. After the completion of the project, the formation of an annual output of 12,000 sets of security planes, 120000 sets of calipers, 1,000 sets of crushing mechanism sub-assembly, 5000 sets of field production capacity and forging equipment parts and components 1000.
The project uses the existing coating workshop of the company's total construction area of ​​2500m2, the office living area follows the existing building.
Second, the main pollution factors and construction measures
1, exhaust gas
During the operation of the project, there are organized exhaust gases including electrophoretic drying room exhaust gas G2, biomass combustion exhaust gas G3, paint exhaust gas G4, topcoat drying exhaust gas G5, etc .; unorganized exhaust gas including electrophoretic ventilation exhaust G1, Unorganized emissions.
Electrophore Drying Room Waste Gas and Topcoat Drying Waste gas is introduced into the biomass hot air stove, which is discharged by the bag filter after combustion with the biomass combustion exhaust gas and discharged through the 15m high exhaust pipe. The paint exhaust gas is treated by the venturi , After treatment by 35m exhaust pipe discharge. Uncoated Emissions of Emulsions and Electrophoresis Ventilated Air Waste A small amount of unorganized emissions.
(DB37 / 1996-2011) Table 2 Atmospheric particulate matter maximum allowable emission concentration limit requirements, SO2, NOx and soot emissions meet the requirements of the "Integrated emission standards for fixed particulate matter in Shandong Province" (DB37 / 1996-2011) "Standard for Emission of Air Pollutants from Industrial Furnaces in Shandong Province" (DB37 / 2375-2013) Table 2 Standard emission limits for conventional air pollutants; Implementation of "Integrated Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996) for non-methane total hydrocarbons 2 in the secondary standard and unorganized emissions monitoring concentration limits.
2, waste water
Wastewater from the project is the production process wastewater.
Project drainage should be carried out rain and sewage diversion, sewage diversion. All the wastewater into the factory sewage treatment station to achieve the "sewage into the town sewer water quality standards" (CJ343-2010) Table 1 B-level standards and Zhucheng Chang Town sewage treatment plant water quality requirements, the tanker transported to Chang Town sewage Processing plant centralized treatment, the final wastewater to "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards" (GB18918-2002) a standard A into the Wei River.
3, solid waste
The production of the project in the production of general solid waste waste activated carbon and waste osmotic membrane by the manufacturers to recover, waste paint residue, phosphating slag, waste raw material packaging barrels, waste filter cotton and sewage treatment station sludge by qualified units.
In summary, the project in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, the implementation of various types of solid waste collection, disposal and comprehensive utilization measures, solid waste are effectively disposed of, will not constitute secondary pollution to the environment.
4, noise
After the project put into production noise mainly from the production workshop of the traffic, air compressor, fan, pump, noise level between 85 ~ 105dB. In the noise level of the equipment on the installation of silencers, sound insulation devices; all kinds of pumps and fans are used to cushion the base, into the exit at the soft connection to reduce pipeline noise, installed in the fan outlet muffler. The use of double-layer windows, and the use of good performance of the wall material; in the structural design of the use of shock absorption flat roof, shock absorber wall, pumps and other large equipment using an independent basis to reduce the resonance caused by noise; Try to avoid the existence of holes, holes, joints, to ensure that the plant sound insulation effect.
Implementation of the above measures, the factory boundary noise emissions to meet the "industrial enterprises boundary environmental noise emission standards" (GB12348-2008) 2 categories of functional areas emission limit requirements.
Third, the impact of construction projects on the surrounding environment
1, ambient air
According to the forecast results of atmospheric environmental impact, it can be seen that the project site selection is reasonable and the layout plan is basically feasible. After the environmental protection measures are taken, the air pollutants discharged from this project have little effect on the surrounding environment. After the project is put into operation, Distance, the project within the scope of environmental protection within the village, schools and other sensitive points. Meet the requirements of environmental protection distance.
To sum up, the project construction in the strict implementation of the pollution prevention and control measures under the premise of the impact from the perspective of environmental air is feasible.
2, surface water environment
During the operation of the project, the enterprise must ensure the normal operation of the wastewater treatment facility, strictly control the main pollutants and characteristic pollutants according to the characteristics of the waste water, and ensure that all pollutants are discharged. Project waste water through Zhucheng Chang town sewage treatment plant can be discharged after the discharge, the final discharge of water on the Wei River water quality has little effect.
3, groundwater
All the solid waste of this project is signed with the corresponding unit disposal agreement, and can be timely and effective removal. The site of solid waste temporary piling to do the rain, anti-seepage treatment can basically solve the problem of solid waste pollution of local groundwater, the project in the implementation of the installation area, sewage treatment facilities, sewage pipelines, accident pools and other places under the premise of anti-seepage measures Has little effect on groundwater quality.
4, sound environment
The noise of the project boundary meets the requirements of the emission limits of the two functional areas in the standard of environmental noise emission for industrial enterprises (GB12348-2008). Overall, the project site selection, equipment selection, layout is reasonable, to take the noise control measures are reasonable and effective, the construction of the project on the surrounding environment and sensitive targets have little effect.
5, solid waste
The project of domestic waste from the sanitation sector centralized removal, the general solid waste in the plant fixed place temporary storage, solid waste have been properly disposed of. It can prevent the contact of all kinds of waste residue from the surface to ensure that the waste will not penetrate into the soil, surface water and groundwater, and will not produce the surrounding water environment and the soil environment. influences. The solid wastes produced by the project are nonvolatile substances and will not penetrate into the atmosphere and will not affect the ambient air.
Fourth, the environmental impact of the report put forward the conclusions of the conclusions of environmental impact assessment
The project for the expansion project, in line with national industrial policy, environmental protection policy in Shandong Province, in line with the requirements of regional planning, site selection is reasonable. In the process of construction and put into use after the existence of pollution factors will have some impact on the surrounding environment, in order to minimize the impact of the construction of the environment, the project put into use, to strictly implement the environmental impact report in the proposed Pollution control measures and countermeasures, the construction of the project has little impact on the surrounding environment, from the perspective of environmental protection, the construction project is feasible.
Fifth, the public access to environmental impact report simple way and duration
For more information, please refer to the Environmental Impact Statement for the construction unit or the evaluation unit by telephone or e-mail.
Construction unit: Zhucheng Shengyang Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact: Xu Peiyun Tel: 15318962108
Environmental Impact Assessment Unit: Weifang City Environmental Science Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd
Contact: Qin Bing Tel: 18553648576 E-mail:
Sixth, the scope of the views and comments
The scope of this consultation is mainly around the project may be affected by the project sewage affected residents, enterprises and institutions, mass groups and other views and suggestions.
Note: At present, this project is in the stage of environmental impact assessment. In order to make the residents, especially the residents around the project site, have a better understanding of the project, and this information is published to understand your understanding of the environmental pollution around the project site. And the views and suggestions on the construction of the project, please carefully answer the questions in the questionnaire and put forward valuable suggestions and suggestions.
Seven, to seek public views of the specific way
The way of soliciting public opinions is mainly in the form of questionnaires. The public can also express their opinions by telephone, letters, letters and so on.
The starting and ending time of public opinion
The survey was conducted from 20 April 2016 to 1 May 2016.

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