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What is the main drive system of the reaming machine?

Time:2017-6-30 10:08:10 From:Zhucheng City Shengyang Machinery Co. Ltd.

The drive system of the reaming machine mainly has two types of pump direct drive and pump-accumulator drive. The pump is driven directly, and the pump of this drive system provides high pressure working fluid to the hydraulic cylinder. The manifold valve is used to change the supply direction. The relief valve is used to adjust the system's regulated pressure and operate safely. The pump accumulator is driven by one or a group of accumulators in such a drive system. When the high-pressure working fluid supplied by the pump has a margin, it is stored by the accumulator, and when the supply amount is insufficient, it is supplied by the accumulator. The working principle of optical pyrometer. When measuring the temperature of metal forging, the thermometer will be measured at the measured metal (the distance between the lens and the measured metal should be within 6 ~ 8m), when the metal light through the objective lens, glass, eyepiece and red filter Piece and spread to the eye. Between the eyepiece and the absorptive glass there is an incandescent lamp, the lamp power supply for the dry battery. Check the equipment in the water, electricity, gas system is normal, to ensure that water, gas flow, no leakage, electrical system is normal, heating system, temperature control, a variety of instruments are reliable, auxiliary low-speed test run, Whether the equipment is running properly, start the stereotypes vacuum pump, observe the work is normal, in a variety of equipment lubrication lubrication. Such as the timely detection of failure. After the temperature can drive, before driving the nose and extruder flange bolts should be tightened again to eliminate the difference between the bolt and the head thermal expansion, tight head bolt in the order of diagonal tightening, force to be uniform.

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